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Why we started

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Yesterday, fashion created a problem.

Our insatiable need for the latest fashion fueled a manufacturing system that continues to deplete the Earth of natural resources, creating more and more fashion waste!

Today, our founders created a solution.

We're investing in sustainable manufacturing technology to give you the option to curate your wardrobe sans the big carbon footprint and fashion waste.

Tomorrow, as our awareness grows, we grow.

We're empowering women to buy in sync with their values. We are what we wear.

No mass production, YSTR only makes what is sold, eradicating any chances of overproduction & fashion waste.

We focus on every step of our product's journey from concept to production right here at our DTLA headquarters.

Our artisan sewers are paid over 3,000% more than average garment factory workers. We support fair wages.

YSTR is sold directly to consumers at wholesale prices or even less, when you join #YSTRCLUB.

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