YSTR Club Benefits ( PUBLISH DATE 4/11)


Well, you know what they say: "GO BIG OR GO HOME!"

We decided to make a bigger impact; one that goes beyond one cut-to-order garment at a time. So, we launched The YSTR Club; a community of like-minded entrepreneurs, innovators, artists and thinkers who love their environment and inspire change.

Together, we invest in making a positive impact on our Planet.


Our Mantra: Think, Love, Inspire.

About Our Future. 

Our insatiable need for the latest trends has fueled a manufacturing system that continues to deplete the Earth of natural resources. If we continue to consume at our current rate, we’ll need 2.5 Earths to support us all


   Yourself and Our Environment.

Out of love for our environment and our community, we're being transparent about all aspects of our L.A. made clothing. From design to product fulfillment we're a plant + people > profit business through and through.

  Change in Your Community.

We’ve all heard the saying: “It takes a village.” Our primary mission is to build that village. We as consumers have more power than you think; you vote with your dollars to maifest environmental change and bring sustainable manufacturing back to the U.S.





So, how exactly did we make a capsule worth  $500* available for less than 100 bucks?

The membership model allows us to batch orders and produce an accurate number of garments all at once rather than a single piece at a time. This significantly reduces our cost per garment without sacrificing garment quality and increases the savings we pass onto you. 

Just as we love fashion, we love food so we thought it’d be easy to understand if we made an analogous comparison to meal prepping: 


When you prep meal by meal you spend an average of $12.75 per meal and 14 hours a week from prep to clean.

Whereas when you meal prep you spend an average of 5 hours a week and $4 per meal.

You save an average of 65% of your money & time by batching your meals for the week. 


So, would you prep each meal individually, or all meals at once? The membership model allows us to pass on our savings to you sans the retail mark-up. Learn more about the true cost of what you buy.


 * traditional retail value



Whether you're a Believer, Visionary or Pioneer, your benefits go beyond the closet.



A curated mini capsule of your choice, delivered to your doorstep every month.

Every month, receive $500+ worth of exclusive wardrobe styles cut-to-order for you.



Exclusive access to the YSTR Beach Club + Private Beach in Malibu*.

Whether you're here for life or just a weekend, enjoy paddle boards, snorkel equipment and snacks with up to three friends at the YSTR private beach club.

*Beach Club access available for Visionary and Pioneer members only.


One for One

To offset our shipping carbon footprint, we're planting a tree at the Calamigos Ranch for every box shipped.

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