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Stop buying for the sake of buying—or to fill some emotional hole sated by so-called "retail therapy. Buy in sync with your values. You are what you wear.


Don’t be slaves of a lethal consumption pattern. Instead commit to consuming without costing the planet. Every purchase matters; choose Earth first.


Join a community of women whose collective commmitment to our environment will restore sustainable manufacturing in the U.S.

How it works

Step 1

Choose a tier. Choose to be a believer, visionary or pioneer. Then, join the club.

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Check your email to fill out your size survey. This way we'll know what size(s) to ship your capsule.

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Keep and eye on your email! This is how you will choose the capsule you want to ship.

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What's the cost?

We get it,“going sustainable” isn't always a realistic option. The struggle is all too real.
So, we tailored our club prices to fit the modern woman's budget.

No matter what level of commitment you make, you are the believers, visionaries & pioneers saving our
planet one capsule at a time.

'The Believer'

Tier 1

1 Month Plan

Membership renews month to month


'The Visionary'

Tier 2

3 Month Plan

Membership renews every 3 months


'The Pioneer'

Tier 3

6 Month Plan

Membership renews every 6 months


Traditional Retail Value of $500+
Free Shipping... always
Hassle Free Exchanges
Skip or Cancel Anytime


Our primary focus is to build a community of women who invest in making a positive impact on the environment.
The private YSTR Beach club, is a space for believers, visionaries, and pioneers to share thoughts, love and inspiration.
At the YSTR Beach Club, our impact goes beyond the closet.

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"Changing the way we shop by saying no to fast fashion "
"Pioneering an entirely new mode of garment production."

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